About Us

Floor Plan Audits, Site Checks, Collateral Verifications, Floor Checks, Wholesale Audits, Lease Audits, Equipment Condition Reports, whatever name you call it we are your field service answer in Canada.  FCI is a privately held Canadian Corporation with headquarters in Whitby, Ontario.  From Coast to Coast we offer vast coverage with approximately 200 representatives located from Newfoundland to British Columbia including Queen Charlotte Island, Yellowknife and Hay River and many other locations that are even harder to find than to spell.


All requests, scheduling, review, billing, and administration is handled in Whitby office.  Our management Team is involved with the development of new customer specific requirements and nearly every aspect of ordering, tracking, completion and delivery.  As a customer of FCI you only have one place to phone or fax and fewer names to remember.  There are never any charts or graphs showing who to contact or how to reach us.

Our current technology includes customer specific electronic order and delivery and partnered with our extensive quick tracking dealer database we can provide current and historical dealer history.

Floor Check Inspections is an insured, bonded, independent inspection force that conducts unbiased and accurate audits.  Our inspectors understand that their responsibility is to produce fact-filled audits as represented by the events on the day the floor check is completed.  We know that our job is to determine the status of every piece of financed product at every location, EVERY TIME.

Customized and Specific Instructions are prepared for your review and approval as part of the set-up as a new customer.  Every auditor carries with them your specific requirements, EVERY TIME.  Each completed audit is phone cleared to our FCI Head Office to ensure that each specific requirement is met.



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